Welcome To FSIX Project

Just another experimental project. Operated by tutugreen
We are Preparing the Virtual IX in Shanghai, China.
The main purpose of this project is provide a platform for research and education to let BGP Players gain experience. Basically just like EVIX, but provide lower latency (Save 130ms~200ms+) in China.
We offer VPS / Server with peering VLAN port. Or you can use Local VLAN / Tunnel Join (Some Restrictions Apply).
Any peering request are welcome when everything is well prepared (We will update this page ASAP.).

Thorugh Our Service (Cost 5$~100$/m)

If you are already using our service, Like our Server/VPS/VDS. We can provide you port to our peering VLAN. If you don't, you can order one, describe your needs in the submit message.

Through Local Fiber / ISP VLAN (Cost 114.514$+)

Your site need to be in Shanghai, have fiber resource to local ISP. (Pay by your self.)

Through Tunnel (Cost 0$)

We accept the tunnel, like EVIX. Several tunnel types like EOIP are supported.
不要让施工、价格等门槛限制了你接入的热情,我们提供隧道接入,就像EVIX。即使你在山区,用着Five G,也可以接入。我们会扩展多Site,移动、长宽等均加入折腾,我们视实际PY情况,提供定量带宽接入,但是不支持恶意占有和商业用途(同时确保双方IP水表正常,该项不支持跨境隧道,请见限制。)。


Owner ASN IPv6 /64
Fantasy Sky Internet eXchange 139073 2402:e380:142:1::1
Zhanrui Tian 139328 2402:e380:142:1::2
Clayer Limited 137951 2402:e380:142:1::3
Htroy Network Research Limited 139216 2402:e380:142:1::4

Get Connected

Any Join/Peering requests are welcome. As an experimental project, you can join for no cost (also no SLA/Guaranteed).(If you order local fiber, pay as you own for both site.).
Peering VLAN IPv6 ONLY For Now.
We are very flexible. If you have any question / special request, feel free to email us.
Preferred Language: Chinese / English.
不接受跨境隧道接入。当前互联 VLAN 内 IPv6 限定。
2020-09-25: 提交有收到,但近期有一些优先事项需要处理,会有些延期,另外EOIP优先。
Thank you for your interest. This project was delayed for some reason. Please complete this form to be added to the wait list. We will contact you when resource available.

  • Available Sites

    China, Shanghai (Preparing)
    China, Shanghai (IPv6 @ CM)(N*100Mbps)
    China, Shanghai (IPv4 NATed, Require Public IP on your site or use POP @ CM)(N*100Mbps)
    China, Shanghai (IPv6 / IPv4 @ CT)(N*100Mbps)
    China, Shanghai (IPv6 / IPv4 @ CU)(N*500Mbps)
    China, Shanghai (IPv4 @ GWBN)(N*100/200Mbps)
    China, Shanghai (Local ISP Inner, you know.)
    China, Fujian, Quanzhou (POP)(IPV4 @ CMCC)(300Mbps)
    所有Tunnel站点支持各类 Bond、聚合、LACP、负载均衡 定制方案, 对接没有额外费用, 但需时间.
    我们期待以各种可用姿势, 在构建时满足到您站点的最高理论速率. 但如需长期跑满, 您可能会遇到QoS.
    原则上大陆实验点不支持跨境隧道, 日后会考虑香港点.
    除非您有大陆代理实体, 且能提供令人信服, 合规的方案.
    为了不给大家带来麻烦, 我们不接受包含已知, 潜在风险的接入.
    Planning more.....
  • Contact / Email / Phone

    Can be found on PeeringDB (only visible to valid users)
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